Just The Write Harrison

As a freelance writer and content creator, I find a level of satisfaction in researching and learning about new topics for my clients. It's like being stuck in my 12th grade AP Writing Class, but getting paid for it. (My inner 17-year-old self is hardcore shivering at enjoying being stuck in that class with that teacher. What happened to me?!)

Just The Write Harrison is my online portfolio showcasing my work in the freelancing world. I've been blessed with many opportunities to work with all kinds of clients. Being a writer was my dream job as a kid and having this career now is something I never thought would actually happen. 

I take a great amount of pride in my work, so if you're looking for a freelancer to help build your brand or to bring in a new fresh voice, please contact me at justthewriteharrison@gmail.com

TN Beauty: 5 Beauty Products You Need Right Now

My obsessions are often the most superficial things on the planet. Sprinkles, donuts, make-up, and my dog. So, when I was sitting down to update my personal list of post ideas for That’s Normal, I realized that I have never written about make-up or really any kind of beauty products. That’s all about to change. I’m going to be writing a lot about make-up and beauty products in the coming months but first, I want to start out with five products everyone should have in their life.

Our Growing Problem With Plastics

Lava from underwater volcanoes can pour up and out and create new landmasses. Islands large enough to be seen on satellites up in space. Pretty cool, right? Well, sadly, humans have done the same thing, only with plastic. It’s been dubbed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and it was discovered in 1988. While you may not be able to see the garbage patch on satellite (due to its low density), ocean researchers have been tracking and photographing the patch for decades now.