I Can't Always Keep My Mouth Shut

This is a place where we can just chat about life and the random things that pop-up along the way. 

Sometimes, just sometimes, things happen in this wild world we live in and I need to chat/vent/rant about it. I have strong opinions about a lot of things and I'm not always the best at keeping those opinions inside my noggin. 

And besides, what's the point of having your own blog if you don't get to go off the deep end about some really important things sometimes? 


Have you ever felt like your entire life is spinning out of control and all you need to fix it is one small thing? But that small thing is dependant on the FDA and so you’re basically screwed because anything involving the government is a giant black hole of suck. No, just me? Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. This isn’t a typical That’s Normal post. This is a plea from one human being that is suffering to the FDA that just doesn’t seem to care. This is an open letter to the FDA